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Miami Negligent Security Attorney

Whenever an individual visits a privately owned property, they have the right to expect that property to be reasonably safe. Florida’s premises liability laws require property owners to address known safety risks and to ensure that lawful guests and visitors face no extraordinary hazards on their property. If you were harmed due to insufficient security on private property, a Miami negligent security lawyer could help hold the property owner accountable.

Miami Negligent Security Lawyer

Representing Negligent Security Claims in Miami, FL

From her office in Coral Gables, Attorney Callejo can provide comprehensive legal counsel for any type of personal injury claim in Miami, including those pertaining to negligent security and premises liability. Callejo Law has successfully represented many past clients in all types of premises liability claims, and we know the unique challenges you might face in the aftermath of such an incident.

When you choose our team to represent your negligent security case in Miami, you can expect careful attention to detail in gathering the evidence needed to establish liability for your damages, and we will do everything we can to maximize the compensation you receive for them. Our firm has helped many past clients in the Miami area hold negligent property owners accountable for the hazardous conditions on their properties.

You have a limited time in which to file your case, and the sooner you connect with legal counsel you can trust, the easier it will be for you to approach your impending legal proceedings with confidence and peace of mind. Our goal for every client we represent in Miami is maximum compensation in the shortest possible timeframe.

Building a Negligent Security Claim in Miami

Most premises liability claims filed each year pertain to physical hazards on private property. Wet floors, broken stairs, damaged light fixtures, and various other safety issues can easily cause slip and fall accidents and serious injuries that lead to premises liability claims. Negligent security claims pertain to a property owner’s failure to install and maintain appropriate security measures on their property.

Your negligent security claim in Miami might revolve around broken or ineffectively placed security cameras, poor lighting, broken or easily compromised door lock systems, or security guards that fall asleep on the job. Most negligent security claims pertain to the plaintiff becoming the victim of a crime due to the property owner’s failure to maintain appropriate security measures.

Success with your negligent security claim in Miami will require proof that the property owner knew or reasonably should have known about an issue with their security measures but did nothing to address the problem before it resulted in your damages. For example, if negligent security enabled you to be assaulted and/or robbed on private property, the property owner could face liability for your damages.

Claiming Compensation in a Premises Liability Suit

A premises liability claim filed for negligent security is a type of personal injury claim, and Florida’s personal injury laws enable the plaintiff to claim full compensation for all economic losses they suffered because of a defendant’s negligent or illegal misconduct:

  • If you had personal property damaged or stolen in your negligent security incident, the defendant is liable for all associated repair or replacement costs.
  • When you have sustained physical injuries from negligent security, the defendant is liable for any medical treatment you need to reach maximum medical improvement from your injuries.
  • If your injuries prevent you from working while you recover, you have the right to seek compensation for the income you were unable to earn during this time.
  • When a serious injury has left you permanently disabled, you have the right to seek compensation for future income you will no longer be able to earn. Your Miami negligent security lawyer can help you accurately calculate these projected future losses.

In addition to your economic damages, you also have the right to claim pain and suffering compensation from the defendant.

It may sound difficult to determine a suitable amount of financial compensation to reflect intangible damages like physical pain and emotional suffering. If you are likely to recover in the near future, your attorney may aim for compensation that reflects your recovery time, or they might instead seek a large lump sum to reflect the severity of a permanently disabling injury.

Your Miami negligent security attorney can help determine a suitable amount of compensation to reflect the severity of your experience. State law does not limit pain and suffering compensation for plaintiffs in premises liability claims, so it is possible for this aspect of your case award to amount to more than the total of the compensation you receive for your economic damages.

What to Expect From Your Miami Negligent Security Lawyer

A negligent security claim can be very complex, and it is possible for you to have grounds for legal recourse against a negligent property owner as well as an individual who assaulted you or otherwise harmed you through an intentional illegal act. You could file a personal injury suit against the property owner but receive restitution from the individual who directly harmed you as an element of their sentence in criminal court.

Depending on the specific details of your experience, you could be entitled to claim more compensation than you may initially expect, and the right attorney can be invaluable for ensuring your success with the claim. Attorney Callejo is fluent in Spanish and can provide bilingual legal counsel.

When you choose Callejo Law to represent you, you can expect compassionate legal counsel and responsive communication from our team through all stages of your proceedings. Our goal in every case we take in Miami is to maximize our client’s recovery in the most efficient manner possible, and the sooner you connect with our team, the more time we have to prepare a compelling case for you.

The majority of civil claims for damages filed each year end in private settlement negotiations, but it is always possible for a case to require litigation. We can aim to settle your negligent security claim efficiently if we can, but you can fully rely on our team to represent you in court if necessary.

Florida Negligent Security FAQs

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for a Negligent Security Claim?

A: A negligent security claim is a form of premises liability claim, and premises liability claims fall within the purview of personal injury law. The standard statute of limitations for most personal injury claims in the state is four years, starting on the date an injury occurs. This may seem like it is more than enough time for you to file your claim, but it is always advisable to start building your case as soon as possible to ensure the reliability of evidence needed to win your case.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Negligent Security?

A: The state’s personal injury statutes pertaining to premises liability uphold that the defendant responsible for your injury is liable for all associated economic damages, including immediate and future medical treatment costs, property damage, and lost wages. You also have the right to seek compensation for lost earning power if your injury prevents you from working in the future, and there is no cap on pain and suffering compensation in Florida premises liability claims.

Q: Can I Be Partially at Fault for a Negligent Security Injury in Miami?

A: The state now follows a modified comparative fault rule, which can apply to any civil claim for damages in which the plaintiff shares liability with the defendant for causing the damages cited in the claim. In a negligent security case, it is unlikely for a plaintiff to be assigned any partial fault, but if they are, their fault percentage is deducted from their case award as a penalty. If a plaintiff is found 50% or more at fault, they cannot claim compensation.

Q: Why Should I Hire a Miami Negligent Security Attorney?

A: Even if your case appears to be perfectly clear at first, there is always a chance that a complicating factor might arise unexpectedly. An experienced Miami negligent security lawyer can not only increase your chance of success with your claim but also help maximize your total compensation. Your attorney can potentially reveal channels of recovery you did not realize were available to you.

Q: What Does It Cost to Hire a Miami Negligent Security Lawyer?

A: Callejo Law offers personal injury representation on a contingency fee basis. With a contingency fee agreement, you do not pay any upfront legal fees, nor are you charged ongoing fees during your case. You only pay a percentage of your final case award to your attorney if they win your case, and you owe nothing if our firm is unable to secure compensation for you.

The team at Callejo Law understands how damaging any negligent security incident can be and that you are likely to have many questions regarding your recovery options. The sooner you connect with a Miami negligent security attorney you can trust, the more likely you are to win your case and maximize your recovery. Contact Callejo Law today to schedule a free consultation with a Miami negligent security lawyer.


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