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The term “premises liability” refers to a specific type of personal injury claim that occurs, as the term suggests, when a person is injured by dangerous conditions on another person’s property. For example, Florida law requires property owners to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition. If the property is not reasonably safe and the unsafe conditions lead to an injury to a visitor, then the property owner may face a premises liability claim holding them responsible for the visitor’s injuries.

The most common type of premises liability accident is a “slip and fall” accident, or a “slip, trip, and fall” accident. This type of accident occurs when a visitor slips on unsafe flooring conditions or trips over some unsafe impediment and falls, injuring the visitor. If you’ve been involved in an accident on someone else’s property, contact an experienced Florida premises liability attorney at Callejo Law for help. We understand every aspect of the law and give your claim the kind of personalized attention we would provide you if you were our one and only client.

Common Types of Premise Liability Accidents in Florida

Any accident on another person’s property or at a public venue or establishment falls into the premise liability category. Some of the most common examples of premises liability accidents include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls. As discussed above, slips, trips, and falls are far too common. It’s unusual for most people to slip or trip and fall for no reason, absent some medical condition. Instead, there is most often an unsafe environment of some sort that caused the accident. Uneven surfaces, oil spills, wet floors, and defective stairs or walkways are the usual culprits for most slip trip, and fall accidents.
  • Deficient Maintenance. Appliances, light fixtures, staircases, elevators, and the like can all cause injuries if improperly maintained.
  • Absence of or Inadequate Security. Inadequate security, video surveillance, and lighting can all be hazardous, especially in areas like parking lots, garages, hotels, and other commercial properties. This can create the opportunity for any number of crimes, some with devastating consequences such as severe beatings, robberies, rape, or even murder.
  • Fire or Electrocution. Sprinkler systems are notoriously subject to breakage. Malfunctioning sprinkler systems and, even more dangerous, improperly maintained wiring in any area are good examples of negligence that can cause electrocution or fire. More severe injuries are likely if escape routes are blocked or unmarked when fires break out.
  • Playground or School Accidents. Unfortunately, it’s relatively common to see adults such as teachers or playground personnel fail to pay attention when supervising children. This can lead to severe injuries on playgrounds or even in school hallways. In addition, hiring employees who work around children without rigorous background investigations may result in the employment of a teacher or other school personnel who sexually abuse children. Unfortunately, public or private swimming pools are also the site of drownings when there are no lifeguards or distracted lifeguards; these types of drownings can happen in mere minutes and can be challenging to detect when the pool is crowded.
  • Dog Attacks. Property owners must keep their dogs restrained or provide warnings, especially if the animal has a history of aggressive behavior. If a dog attacks and injures someone because of the absence of a fence, the failure to leash a dog, a lack of training, or other types of irresponsible behavior regarding their dog, the dog’s owner may be liable for any injuries the dog causes.
  • Festivals, Nightclubs, Bars, and Entertainment Venues. Owners of commercial establishments are responsible for ensuring their security personnel are adequately trained to prevent or de-escalate altercations and restrain aggressive, unruly, or overly intoxicated guests. If a security guard uses excessive force while de-escalating and controlling a guest and injures someone else in the process, the establishment owner may be found liable.

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