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Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Miami, FL (2024)

Miami-Dade County usually has the highest number of car accidents annually when compared with any other Florida county. This is typically chalked up to high numbers of tourists and a lack of infrastructure. Even if you are driving carefully, you cannot plan for the actions of other drivers on the road. If you or a loved one is a victim of a car accident in Miami, contact a Miami car accident lawyer for more information on filing a personal injury claim.

Where Are the Most Car Accidents in Miami, FL?

While many accidents happen in neighborhoods and parking lots, many serious accidents occur in high-density areas in Miami-Dade County. Some of the most dangerous intersections and roads include:

  • Pines Blvd & South Flamingo Rd: This intersection was once named the deadliest intersection in America by State Farm. Recent improvements to the intersection have reduced the number of fatalities, but it is still quite dangerous.
  • Hialeah Garden Blvd & Okeechobee Rd: TIME Magazine named this intersection in Hialeah Gardens one of the 12 most dangerous intersections in the United States.
  • NE Second Ave & 36th Street: This intersection is located in the middle of Miami, so the amount of pedestrian traffic makes this crossing more dangerous than usual.
  • NW 87th & 36th: This Doral intersection is prone to frequent traffic jams outside of normal rush hour times, which can make driving on it dangerous.
  • SW 117th Ave & 152nd St: This stretch of road is huge, with drivers often moving at high speeds. In addition, drivers are often confused by signs posted in this intersection, making it one of the most dangerous intersections in Miami.

What Makes an Intersection Dangerous?

  • Traffic Signals: Sometimes, crosswalk signs or traffic lights go out, preventing pedestrians and drivers from knowing when to cross or move forward into a busy intersection.
  • Insufficient Infrastructure: Many roads in Florida were not built to handle the large amount of commuters and tourists that drive and walk there each day. Things like potholes and other obstructions can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles and getting into collisions.
  • Lane Issues: Lanes that are too narrow make it easier for cars to hit others on the road and reduce the margin of error for lane changes. If lanes are not properly marked, drivers can find themselves in between lanes or in the wrong lane entirely, increasing the risk of accidents. This is especially true for drivers of large vehicles and trucks.
  • Pedestrians: Intersections with large amounts of foot traffic require greater amounts of care and diligence from drivers. If one of these intersections does not have proper lighting, it can be even more difficult to see people walking in an intersection, making it more likely to hit them.

If you encounter a dangerous intersection, drive with caution to prevent accidents.

Tips To Avoid Accidents

It is impossible to completely control whether or not you get into a car accident, but there are some behaviors that can reduce your risk of an accident, including:

  • Being Alert: Florida roads can often suddenly change in speed limit or signage. Pay attention, especially in low lighting or poor weather conditions.
  • Avoiding Reckless Drivers: Sometimes, it’s obvious when a driver is distracted or acting recklessly. Move away from these drivers, when possible, to avoid an accident.
  • Planning Your Route: There might be ways to get to your destination without having to drive through congested or dangerous intersections. Effective planning can help prevent driving through dangerous areas.
  • Changing Your Timing: It might be difficult for locals to change the time for their morning or evening commute, but visitors can plan their trip to avoid driving during rush hour or other busy times of the day.


Q: What Is the Most Dangerous Intersection in South Florida?

A: Some claim that the Pines Blvd & South Flamingo Rd intersection in Pembroke Pines, FL, is the most dangerous intersection in the whole state. According to State Farm, this intersection was once the most dangerous intersection in America. Some other dangerous intersections in South Florida include the Hialeah Garden Blvd & Okeechobee Rd intersection in Hialeah Gardens and the NE Second Ave & 36th Street intersection in Midtown Miami.

Q: What Is the Deadliest Road in Florida?

A: While Miami-Dade County has the most fatalities each year due to car accidents, the deadliest stretch of road in Florida is actually in Pasco County. The deadliest stretch of road in Florida is considered to be US-19 from San Marco Drive to Denton Avenue. Other deadly roads in Miami include exits 4-9 on I-95 and Northwest 181st Street to Polk Street on US-441. In general, roads and intersections with lots of traffic result in more fatalities than average.

Q: What Florida Highway Has the Most Accidents?

A: In order of number of fatalities, the Florida highways with the most amount of accidents are:

  1. Interstate 4
  2. US-1
  3. Interstate 10
  4. Interstate 75
  5. Interstate 95

Florida drivers face unique challenges due to the number of drivers that visit from out of state. They also have to deal with issues like outdated infrastructure, heavy rain, and distracted or impaired driving. If you have experienced an injury on the road due to another driver’s negligence, you might be able to recover damages.

Q: What Is the New Law for Accidents in Florida?

A: House Bill 837 was recently signed into law in 2023. This Florida law affects your rights to file personal injury claims. Primarily, the statute of limitations on personal injury cases has been reduced from four years to two years. The law also prevents individuals who were at least 50% at fault from receiving any damages from an accident. If you have questions about how this new law affects your personal injury claim, speak with a Miami car accident attorney today.

Time Is of the Essence

There are strict time limits that could affect your options when filing a personal injury claim. To make sure you file a claim on time, schedule a consultation with Karen Callejo, an experienced car accident attorney who is fluent in Spanish. She takes cases from all around the Miami-Dade area from her office in Coral Gables. Contact Callejo Law today to learn more about what you can do after sustaining injuries in a car accident.

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